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Software Majordomo System
Web Interface
Features Moderators
Post Options (managed and automatic)
Manage Subscribers
Subscribe/Unsubscribed Options
Bulk Message Sends
Sub Lists
Special Set Up options
Supported Platforms Platform Independent

That means you can run our program on an IBM, Mac, Linux box, via email, via a web interface, on anything.
Rates Free with: Web deluxe and Web supreme (Unit usage charge applies)
$95 setup, $5 monthly charge, Unit usage charge, (1 unit minimum)
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Units and Rates:
Capalon mailing list services are billed in units of 10,000 messages.

One email sent to 10,000 subscribers, or ten emails to 1,000 subscribers, both constitute one unit. Each mailing list comes with one unit of included messaging, but your messaging is billed by total volume -- any leftover messaging from your lower-traffic lists will defer the costs of a higher-traffic list.
Number of Emails Message Units Cost per Unit
10,000-50,000 1-5 $ 10
60,000-100,000 6-10 $ 8
110,000-200,000 11-20 $ 6
200,000-500,000 20-50 $ 4
510,000+ 51+ $ 1

Example A: reaches 1,000 customers with a weekly bulletin, and runs an internal collaboration list for 5 field agents. Last month there were 4 bulletins and 25 discussion messages. So their total messaging is less than one message unit -- 4,000 bulletin emails and 125 discussion emails. They therefore pay only for their monthly virtual system ($5) plus the minimum of one message unit per list ($20), or $25/month.

Example B: has 24,000 subscribers to their weekly bulletin. Last month they sent 4 bulletins. Total usage was therefore 4 x 24,000 or 96,000 messages -- 10 units.

Each of the first five units is $10/month, the second five $8/month. Since has a Capalon dedicated server, there is no majordomo system charge. Thus their total investment is only $90/month.

Note that could host several small, additional mailing lists without incurring any additional charge!

All setups include a free testing list as well as setup for your first mailing list. One hour of hands-on training by phone and email is available for $60 at sign-up; otherwise all support is provided at our standard rates for technical services.

All additional mailing lists are charged a $40 setup fee.

With introductory support, we'll help you import an existing list of names and guide you through the process of sending mail. If you are a self-starter, you may find that the online documentation is sufficient for full self-administration, and therefore this support is offered as an option for those who prefer outside guidance.

Introductory support: $60 per hour at setup time
Ongoing support: $110 per hour in 12-minute increments
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