Geulah B'Rachamim

60 daily lessons to help a Jew yearn for redemption

By Rabbi Pinchos Winston

FREE book offer from a Writer

Geulah Brachamim Book Cover

Thanks to a generous benefactor, Rabbi Pinchas Winston, popular author of the class Perceptions on the Parsha, is offering his work Geulah B'Rachamim - 60 daily lessons to help a Jew yearn for redemption free for only the cost of shipping.

Over the last decade, we have given an unprecedented amount of Tzeddakah, performed incredible amounts of outreach, watched countless Chesed programs grow, and spread Torah to the farthest of Jewish populations.

Just one question: Why would God pull the plug on all of that?

Perhaps, at this stage of history, there is something else we need to do to bring the Final Redemption in mercy.

Rabbi Winston writes:

"Our mission is to empower all Jews to help bring the Final Redemption more safely. Our main means of accomplishing this goal is the creation of a booklet containing 60 short, yet powerful, daily study lessons, which will progressively focus people on the main goals of the Jewish People, and of history in general."

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